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Welcome to JC Web Designs. Web site planning, development, and creation.

"...not just a designer with a difference, but an approach with a difference..."

We are innovative and all our designs are based around you and your needs.

Attention to detail is important and we meticulously check and test our web site designs to
ensure that the end product has the desired effect - to promote your business or organisation.

We offer friendly advice on all aspects of creation to implementation.

Web sites that can be interactive, informative, functional or fun. We can help.

  • Single or multiple page
  • Interactive
  • Graphical
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Web site name
  • Web site hosting
  • Web statistics
  • Friendly advice

Simple Sites
If your site is simple or complicated, we will design around your needs - the way you want it.
We also make sure it is visible to search engines - all part of our design package, and something
which other companies charge you extra for.

We can design original graphics, processing existing digital images, or scan images from various
sources such as brochures and photographs. Any of your existing company logo's can be used.

When we build a web site, we try to optimise the web pages to ensure that your web site loads
quickly. There is no restriction on the amount or size or images you wish to have on your web site.
We will advise you on an individual basis depending on the type of site, image size and complexity.

Site Feedback and Enquiries
We can provide a feedback or enquiry form should your web site require it, which can be sent
directly to your e-mail. Some web sites need dedicated paid for web server space to receive
these online forms - ours doesn't require you paying more than you need to.

E-commerce and Online Shopping
If you are ready to to enter the world of online selling via the Internet, we can offer many different
solutions. This can range from simple single item sales, up to a full online catalogue and check-out

Goods can be paid for online using secure credit or debit card details. These are either securely
e-mailed to you for manual processing through your normal merchant sales account, or via many
of the online transaction companies.

Domain Names, Web Space and Web Hosting
We can advise and assist with choosing and researching a web site name for you. We can recommend
the best way to host your web site depending on the size and complexity. Choose from your own
free web space that many e-mail providers offer, or monthly dedicated server space from around £5
per month. For more detailed pricing see the 1&1 website

Competitive Pricing
Contact us for a free, friendly consultation and we can give you a quotation based on your needs.

Thank you for visiting us.

Please see our designs page for examples of sites we have created, and fill in our enquiry form
if you would like to talk to us.


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